Terms & Conditions


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We provide Professional Cleaners and the following Terms & Conditions are relevant to all bookings through our Cleaning Company. We may expand or adjust our terms & conditions on occasion and all updates or additional terms & conditions shall subsequently be relevant to new or renewed agreements, however not to current contracts. Our Cleaning Services may be arranged via phone, email, fax, or directly through our website, and all of our clients consent to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Unless specified at the beginning of the scheduling process, our Cleaning Company shall not include the cleaning of walls, ceilings, curtains, balconies, patios, outside of windows, carpets, or large furniture. Neither does it consist of cleaning plates or clothing. If some of these supplementary services be necessary, we will quote for them independently. The place needs to be evacuated in order for end of tenancy cleaning to happen.

We insist that a deposit of 50% of the quotation be paid upon successful booking. The consumer may perhaps cancel or rearrange a cleaning service by providing a minimum of 24 hours notification, nevertheless if we are not given notice on time, no refund will be granted.

Our Cleaning Company reserves the right to charge a termination cost of up to 100% of the quote for the arranged end of tenancy cleaning.
The client agrees to verify the quality of work instantly after the cleaning session and to bring about any issues to our attention. The cleaners are going to then carry out any needed further labour within sense. Still, if the client is still not happy they should report back to our cleaning company in print straight away by concluding the presented satisfactory survey and offering it to the cleaner.

The balance of your account should be paid to the cleaner or to the cleaning company by phone before the cleaner departs from the building.

One off Cleaning in London

o The customer is required to observe the quality of the cleaning duty immediately after the visit has finished.

o If the client is displeased with the quality of cleaning, they have to get in touch with the cleaning company within 24 hours after the cleaning session has ended. Unless a valid reason is provided for a late notice by the client, the cleaning company shall not be held responsible for any complaints made beyond the 24 hour period.

o If the client has a complaint, he/she must let the Cleaning Company to send a cleaner back to the house in order to satisfy the client’s requirements. The cleaning company will not usually refund any transaction if the client refuses permission to send back the cleaner.

o Whilst booking a cleaning service, the customer is needed to provide information of full name, address, telephone number, email address and the transaction details over the telephone. Once this data has been given, the client will receive a confirmation, via email, one working day before the cleaning visit. The client consents to the Terms & Conditions except they notify the Cleaning Company ahead of the first cleaning session.

o The customer must allow their cleaner to have access to hot water and electricity. All breakable belongings have to be protected or kept in a safe place.

o Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning is covered by complete public and employer’s liability protection plan and we shall deal with all claims which have been correctly notified to us as per our Terms & Conditions.

o Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning provides the cleaner with all the required cleaning products and gear although there could be a further expense for any specialized appliances that could be important for a job. We will give you a distinct estimate for this.