Commercial Cleaning

Welcome to our commercial kitchen cleaning service

Whether you’re the manager of a small eatery or the owner of a big and fancy restaurant, you need to recognise the need of keeping a spotless kitchen. Your kitchen is, after all, the heart and soul of the place! Because this area houses the food and all of the preparation process takes place in it, it is important to maintain strict levels of hygiene.

If your kitchen sees daily use – as is the case with pretty much every restaurant kitchen – you’d want to implement a solid daily cleaning schedule, as well as arrange for a deep cleaning session once every few months. This, however, is a task best left to the experts – only professional cleaning company has the tools and expertise needed for that kind of service.

This is where Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning enters the scene

Our company has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Throughout all this time, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the more reliable partners for any cleaning job. Commercial kitchen cleaning is a service we are particularly invested in, as we understand its importance.

Our company has worked with many restaurant owners and others to find out what their needs are and how we can provide the best service for them. As a result, we have identified two types of cleaning service that our clients require:

Light commercial kitchen cleaning

This is the kind of service we offer to clients who require only basic cleaning of their kitchen. Usually, these kitchens are in good shape and only need a quick intervention from our cleaners to really acquire an impeccable look.

Deep commercial kitchen cleaning

This is the type of service that we use for kitchens that have seen poor maintenance. It is also the kind of service our clients request when they’ve failed an inspection and they need specific certain problems dealt with. And, finally – this is the type of service that would make the biggest difference for your commercial kitchen!

Our experience has taught us a lot

We are one of the cleaning companies in London that really takes on a more professional approach to cleaning. This is to say we will not just send our cleaners over to handle a couple of chores at the place. We have worked on creating an extensive list of commercial cleaning tasks that we will address in an orderly fashion. A few examples include:

–    The floor and grout areas

–    Walls and ceiling

–    Sinks, taps and drains

–    All countertops and work areas

–    Extractor fan

Many of our clients have expressed interest in the products, used by our teams. As we’ve already mentioned, we’re very cautious and take our work very seriously. We know very well that a commercial kitchen is a very special place, requiring very special care. Therefore, we are very careful with our choice of products – we won’t include any dangerous chemicals or solutions to our inventory.  Instead, we exclusively employ food-safe solutions that do the job without any risk for the kitchen environment.

We are ready to assist you

Our company is available at all times. We know it is important for you to get quick service and that is why we are ready to assist without delay. As you contact us on 020 7868 1800, our representatives will guide you through our quick, easy and hassle-free booking process. We will just need to collect some details as to what the job is and when you want it done. That is pretty much it!

As a company with extensive experience in the field, we urge you to try out our commercial kitchen cleaning services. We are looking forward to your inquiry!