How to conduct a complete Move in Cleaning


Whenever you are moving in to a new place, you need to clean it thoroughly so that you can put the house in the condition of your choice. Most of the time, it is very hard for you to reach your new place before your things arrive so you are forced to clean around them. There are several things to consider when doing a Move Out Cleaning.

You could start with the kitchen because it is the most important part of a house. When you are doing a Move in Cleaning London, you will need different cleaning agents for different areas. Make sure you have scrubbed the kitchen floors. Even if the previous owners cleaned up before they moved out, you still need to clean even a little.

Now you go to the appliances. You could use cleaning agents like baking soda, or cleaning pastes and a good heavy duty cloth to scrub. Do not choose a heavy material because you do not want to scratch your appliances. Use an oven cleaner to clean inside the oven and some little grease remover to apply under the hood. A complete Move in Cleaning means removing everything in a refrigerator and cleaning them separately. These include shelves, drawers and bins. Make sure that the fridge is unplugged first before washing. Move it from the wall to clean all the sides then leave it open to dry and aerate.

For kitchen cabinets and closets, use mild cleaners for the inside parts and be careful if they are painted or lined. If not, make sure that you line them well so that your dishes or clothes are arranged well and in a good environment. Most closets and cabinets are made from wood so for the doors and the top parts, use a wood cleaner because normal cleaners can dampen the wood and cause it to smell. In cases where the kitchen cabinets have grease stains, clean using a mixture of baking soda and water. When doing a Move in Cleaning, make sure your windows are open for proper ventilation and removal of old odors.

For sinks, you could use a chlorine free bleach to clean them. Just put some bleach and a little water in a spray bottle, spray in on the sink and let it stay for a while. Also soak the plugs in bleach and then rinse the sink properly to remove all traces of bleach. When you can still smell some odor just know that your Move in Cleaning is not complete. In such cases pour a mixture of baking soda and water down the drain and do not pour water for few minutes.

A Move in Cleaning is not complete if you have not scrubbed your walls and floors. This is the final and easiest place to clean because all you need is water, cloth, mop and soap. Vacuum the carpets or you could choose to buy your own carpets and paint your walls any color of your choice.

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